Forgive and Forget by Lewis Smedes


Forgive and Forget.Smedes. Click link for nine page summary.

Smedes forgive coverAlthough this book is an oldie, it’s a golden oldie. There are hundreds of books on the subject of forgiveness but none of them (to my knowledge) summarize the topic as well as Smedes. The best books on forgiveness cite Smedes as a seminal thinker in this field. As a marriage and family therapist I hear many stories of horrific evils either committed by or committed against family and friends. We’ve got three choices when this happens: invent a time machine and go back in history and undo the deed (impossible), hold a grudge and risk the poison of bitterness (unhealthy), or work toward forgiveness (hard but liberating). This was the option chosen by MLK, Tutu, Mandela, Ellie Weizel, and others. Smedes gives us pointers on how to do it. I’ll be happy if this summary whets your appetite to read the whole book.