Science, Chance, and Providence (1978) by Donald MacKay



My degMacKay.Providenceree from the University of Washington (BA, ’81) is in history with a special focus on the history of science. While attending the UW I was also employed as a youth pastor in a semi-fundamentalist church in Seattle. Consequently, the conflicts between science and faith, reason and revelation were topics of both great interest and great consternation. In the midst of my studies I discovered the wonderful little Intervar
sity Press book called, A Clockwork Image by theistic scientist Donald MacKay. During those years of cognitive dissonance, I found that book of tremendous help.

Later, when in graduate theological school at Regent College, (MCS, ’85) I found another delightful title by MacKay in the school library called, Science, Chance, and Providence. It was a small and densely written book which I never finished reading. I told myself to buy a copy someday and plow through it. This was the early ‘80s before the days of Amazon or Google but in the late 1990s I tracked down a copy on line for the astonishing price of $100. I wanted it badly, but not for $100 (especially for a book of only 64 pages). Recently I tried another Amazon search and to my delight found a copy for less than $5. So now, after decades of waiting, I am happy to summarize Science, Chance, and Providence for my (and your) reading pleasure, thus saving you $5 (or $100, depending on what decade you live in).

Click the link below to get my 9 page summary of this book.



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